What do others say about Sustainable Engineering & Design LLC?

"Several things that I could rely on with David L. Phillips, P.E., President of Sustainable Engineering and Design:  

  • His knowledge of engineering design and construction practices.
  • Credibility. He is a man of his word.
  • His ability to work with the client and city to create cost-effective and timely courses of action that would allow his client to meet goals while meeting the code requirements of the city.
  • He was able to assist his clients thru the city's review and permitting processes quickly.
  • Thorough and well-thought out engineering submittals and responses.

I am certain that his work ethic and well deserved reputation are the foundation of his company, Sustainable Engineering and Design, LLC." ~ Roxanne M. Chesser, P.E. 

"David L. Phillips, P.E. is a true team member; always ready to do whatever it takes to make a project successful. He has considerable project experience in various project types ranging from Educational and Governmental in the public sector to Medical, Commercial and Multi-Family in the private sector." ~ Anthony J. Donadio AIA, NCARB 

"David L. Phillips, P.E. has consistently provided prompt civil engineering services along with always being cost conscious and sensitive to his client's budget needs." ~ Markus J. Gemsch, NCARB 

"David L. Phillips, P.E. approach to engineering is to help understand the client's program needs, how they can be provided, and then efficiently and economically go straight to the solution. We would recommend Sustainable Engineering and Design for your civil engineering services." ~ Samuel J. Ferreri, AIA 

"David L. Phillips, P.E. has proved himself to be an eager, dedicated, and respected vendor for the School Board of St. Lucie County. In his relationship with colleagues, contractors, facility occupants, consultants and the public, Mr. Phillips has always displayed the highest level of integrity." ~ Robert P. Massa, Building Code Administrator 

"David L. Phillips, P.E., President of Sustainable Engineering and Design, has provided a high degree of competency and professionalism for the school district. Mr. Phillips problem solving abilities are next to none that I have seen in the field of civil engineering." ~ Joe Piper, Project Manager 

"Based on my experience of the past six years of working with David L. Phillips, P.E., I highly recommend Sustainable Engineering and Design for your civil engineering design services. All of the projects for which he was responsible for were completed with a high degree of competency and professionalism. Mr. Phillips brings a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and a cooperative team spirit to the table." ~ Marty E. Sanders, P.E.